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The adorable polar bear twins, born at the Hellabrunn Zoo on December 9 last year, have been given their names: Nela & Nobby. The fluffy pair are rather playful and adventurous…and in need of a bath. Check out the video by Bernd and for photos of the twins head over to

Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Cub - “My Paws Are Growing”

Toronto Zoo Polar Bear Cub ‘Super Bowl’

Toronto Zoo’s polar bear cub Introduced to snow for the first time

Giovanna’s twins at the Hellabrunn Zoo opened their eyes for the first time, catching a glimpse of mama bear. Polar bear cubs are born blind, toothless and with little fur, and so are entirely dependent on their mother for food and warmth.

The zoo says the twins, born on 9th December 2013, are making good progress and Giovanna is doing well as a first-time mother. The cubs are six weeks old and growing fast. They have not been given names as their gender cannot yet be determined. 

You can see more videos of the twins on the zoo’s YouTube page.

Toronto Zoo’s polar bear cub takes his first bath

First steps for Toronto Zoo’s polar bear cub.

Polar Bear Love by Andrew Manske

Two adorable newborn polar bear cubs play with their mother while they journey to the frozen sea.

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